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History: The Spanish table football (aka "futbolin de salon") came into existence in Catalonia in the late 19th century when the Iberians (the native people) fell in love with the new sport spreading from England. However, the poor and mountainous country did not provide the ideal conditions for playing and development of the English football. Therefore, the local people invented their own version of the sport. The simple, homemade futbolins gradually advanced to the perfect shape of the current royal futbolin with the basic 3-3-4 formation of players.

"Futbolin de salon" served as a model for the coach of the local football club FC Cartona. He trained the tactic for the key matches according to it and demonstrated the uniform movement of individual rows, so the course was constantly equally occupied by the FC Cartona players. Thanks to this tactics, FC Cartona made its way up to the top Spanish league.

At present, "Futbolin de salon" is probably the most widespread social entertainment in Spain. Its wooden tables can be found not only in most restaurants, bars and clubs, but also in schools, on  beaches and almost everywhere where people meet. The Spaniards can do incredible tricks with the metal players and the game is played not only by children, but also by women and men in their most advanced age.

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